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This was a beautiful, sweet and amazing game! It was a great experience and a great story told, it really was! The art style was great and the music matched the tone well, though I felt like it could have been mellower music at times. It really was a beautiful story with a great moral meaning and decision behind it, well done!

Thank you so much for playing EDDA Cafe and for making a video about it! We're glad you enjoy it! ^^ 

This game is absolutely beautiful it made me cry so much.. thank you SO much for making this game 

Glad to hear that EDDA Cafe has touched another heart ^^ Thank you for playing our game!

i hate u bcs this made me cry so hard, both endings are beautiful and I love how they said theres no right or wrong answer, just follow your heart. I cant lie I love Taku so much and idk why but the fact that hes just a normal college part time worker is really sweet. are there any more Taku contents out there? 

Thanks for playing EDDA Cafe! ^^
Taku seems to be the more popular guys instead of the main love interest, Alex XD. To be honest, we don't make a lot of side content for him since we're busy producing our new commercial title at the moment, but who knows, we might make a side story based on EDDA Cafe in the future if there's enough demand for it and since Taku is the waiter of EDDA Cafe, he'll definitely make a come back there.


10/10 I love it!!


I much prefer red bull over coffee but based visual novel.

thanks for playing EDDA Cafe!

This game feels like a spiritual successor to Toshikazu Kawaguchi's novel "Before Your Memory Fades" which I adore. Bittersweet yet heartwarming, sad yet hopeful. Very emotional and thought provoking.

P.S. The artwork is absolutely charming ^^


EDDA Cafe was inspired by Toshikazu Kawaguchi's Before the Coffee Gets Cold, not sure if it's the alternate title of the novel that you mentioned, but our writer Nami really enjoy their works. Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe!


I played recently and I was really fascinated with the story, I know that in itself, the story had good endings and was made to not be such a long story, but I would really enjoy a second part a lot, I am very intrigued as to what the day to day is like day of the protagonist after the two endings.

Even so, totally incredible, I will be encouraged to look at your other games, because this work left me enchanted.

It had a simple but concise story, the design and the characters are beautiful, you just did an amazing job.

Hi! Thanks a lot for the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it!
Considering that it's loved by a lot of people, maybe one day we'll make something based on EDDA Cafe, but for now we want to venture to another type of game and a whole different story to give us more experience on game development.
Let us know what you think of our other games, and we will be grateful if you look forward to our new game too! ^^

I played this game a while ago on stream since I'm a VTuber (My twitch ;) And I loved itt!! It was fun and heartwarming and I'm happy that I got to help Mina make the right choice in the end! Thank u mushroomallow for letting me be able to have this experience :D

Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe and I'm glad to hear you had a good time playing it! I'm gonna check your channel when I got the chance ^^

What a lovely, warm, touching game! Thank you so much for creating it.

Thanks a lot for playing EDDA Cafe! ^^

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Hello! Thanks for asking and sure, we'll happy if you stream EDDA Cafe in your channel! If you share about your stream on twitter, please tag us @mushroomallow_ in your twitter post so we can retweet it. ^^

Thank youuu!!!

Molto bello sono contenta che lo abbiate tradotto mi ha strappato sorrisi e lacrime lo adoro

grazie per aver giocato a EDDA Cafe! ^^


Thank you so much for making this! I enjoyed this visual novel thoroughly, it's short and sweet story accompanied by beautiful aesthetic is perfect fit for someone like me. This is my first visual novel I've read from you and I'm so excited to try your other visual novels!

Glad to hear that you enjoy EDDA Cafe! Thank you so much for playing our games!


Well, this game has both encouraged and emotionally damaged me. It's such a wonderful bittersweet story with A+ art that is so soft, and the music??? It made me bawl in the inside when I got to the endings... God, this is so good and it just reaffirmed what I've been abiding by "Sometimes kindness is all we need" and seeing Mina go through that rollercoaster was so painful because she's suffocating herself with the guilt-- I'm so glad she found peace in both endings, god do I want to work in Edda Cafe as well even though I'm sure I'd cry on the customers' behalf... AMAZING GAME LET ME JUST BREATHE CAUSE I'M CHOKING ON MY METAPHORICAL TEARS--

Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe! Reading your comment is the encouragement we need to keep making more games in the future ;;u;; We hope you'll enjoy our future titles too! ^^

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I'm very happy to know this game exists! This game kinda changes how I behave, I've become more caring towards other. Looking through by the story, it's very heartwarming and I sometimes sobs quietly. Hoping to see more from this team! You guys deserve more attention and kind reviews! You guys should be known world-wide!

But may I ask what game engine do you use for this?

I'm getting started on making visual novel, cute collecting game, RPG but I need recommendation for game engines. 

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Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe! As for game engine, we used Ren'py for all of our games so far. It also has a dedicated forum that still active to this day called Lemmasoft ( I've seen people make RPG-ish game using Ren'py but if you plan on having a lot of gameplay variations, I think Unity will be better for you. 

Thank you so much for the suggestion! ^^

hi!! loved playing the game, but had a quick question: is this based off of "When the Coffee Gets Cold" by Toshikazu Kawaguchi (translated by Geoffrey Trousselot)? it's just that the premise of both are similar haha, so just wondering!! loved the game so much <3

Thanks for playing EDDA Cafe! You're right, the writer is inspired by those very title. You can read more about it in our post mortem :

So happy I decided to check this game out it's so cute and I really loved the artwork! A little sad but yet really light and cozy, thank you for the game <3


Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe! Happy to hear that you enjoy it! ^^


Thank you developer of this game.

Thank you for playing EDDA Cafe! ^^

I'd like to make a suggestion.  

The graphics in this game are a little bit unfriendly to translators, maybe it would be better to replace the text in the graphics with code?  

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by 'text in the graphics'. Can you elaborate?

The GUI makes heavy use of images rather than code.  

If you want to add a language, does that mean you need to make a new image  

I see. Thank you for the suggestion! At the moment we're only focusing on translating the story/content of the game, so we left the GUI as it is. It's true that we'll have to change the GUI assets one by one if we want to change it into another language, but we feel that what we currently have is enough. But we'll definitely consider your suggestion for our future games =)  


awe this is cu- WELCOME TO EDDA


oh i cried a bit...fine,a lot.Thank you for the game,it's really deep and i loved the endings.


Very cute visual novel. I loved everything about it! I just wish it could be a bit longer. 


interesting and chill game :) 

i had a fun reading into it ^ -^


Best Novel Ever

Very good game, thanks. I love it


This is such a great visual novel. I like how both of the endings are still a happy pretty happy ending. The art was really cute and the story was really well written. 


i bothered making an account just to say this:

okay first of all, MY HEART. second of all, OWW PRECIOUS HEAARTTTT!!!
i love, literally E V E R Y T H I N G about this game. the aesthetic, the character designs, the music, the voice acting (even tho its just 2 lines), AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE PLOT.

The Characters: the designs are awesome!! do you even know my first reaction when I saw Taku i was like "dang hes cute i hope i/Mina ends up with him" THEN THE NEXT GUY CAME IN and i was like "oh shit hes cute too i take back what i said" LMAO. i LOVE Rin as well, especially her personality! 

The Art: i myself do digital art, just not as good lol. my username here is literally the same name (but not username) i have on my twitter. but anyways did i forget to mention that I LOVE EVERYTHING WITH THE ART??? THE PALETTE AND THE COLOR SCHEMES IS JUST MWAH *chefs kiss. I love the art style!! It's really pretty!! Everything about the art is so cute! I love the CGs as well, i decided to make the cinnamon my background wallpaper, or sometimes I switch it up to the rainbow cake. Literally everything in the Gallery section is perfect for a wallpaper, thats just how beautiful I think the art style is!

THE PLOTT: I LOVE IT DUHH ive never seen a plot like this before!  everything was so meaningful. the sad moments touched my heart, it made me feel like i was feeling whatever Mina was feeling at that moment. I myself have no experience in love, and yet everything that happened made me feel like i have experienced it. it made me feel like i knew what love felt like, how a relationship works. it's just that good, despite being short. Its hard to fully explain without spoilers, but just know that its sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Oh and i love the idea of EDDA btw! but i just wonder how was Taku able to work there, like how was he chosen to work there? Did he do something honorable/worthy and EDDA decided he would be allowed to work there? What even is EDDA anyways? How was it formed? Idk. But you know what they say, some mysteries are better left unsolved. Maybe I should check their Twitter, i saw somewhere here that they had a twitter acc with updates.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

SO TO SUMMARIZE IT IS A GREAT GAME, definitely should check it out! Get ready for the feels tho (if ur such an emotional being like me lmao) It would be nice if a new game was added about the creation of EDDA. Like for example a long time ago it started with love between a human and magical nymph etc etc. im glad my potato pc was able to run this lmao, though it kept lagging and i had to keep saving and exiting the game then opening it again, which ruined my experience a lil bit, but nonetheless its an amazing short story! Usually right after I download a game and finish it, I'd delete it instantly, but for this one I'll keep it in my folders to replay it again someday. That's all, ty for your time reading my poorly written comment! I was born to suck at expressing myself properly unfortunately, but i do hope i managed to get the message through! now i feel like posting a fan art lol. oh well, CYA!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this message! It warms our heart knowing that someone out there really like our game and it gives us more energy to push forward and create more. We're on hiatus atm but we hope you'll also enjoy other games from us in the future. ^^


the game is very light but sad to the point of making me cry until the whole family is flooded :)) if you want to play a light game then this is a game worth trying you won't regret it because it doesn't go anywhere. as it doesn't have a sad ending and totally depends on how you choose to play and if you are playing i suggest you to try both endings sorry if my english is not good

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I want to play this except I don't know which file to play on

Are you using mac? There should be a launcher file in the game folder, but it looks like it's gone here. Please try using launcher to play the game, and if the problem persist, let us know.

Update (30-8-2021):

We got a report that the build for mac OS is not working. Try launching the game by using launcher (similar way to using steam launcher to launch games). The game should be working just fine, but please let us know if the problem persist after you did it.


This was so cute! How dare it make me cry! Seriously tho, everyone who was a part of this. Remarkable work! 

Can't wait to see if you make anything else! 


holy, this is good! the art is cute and I enjoy the plot <3


This game is so cozy and yet a bit heartbreaking. I also did a video on it, hoping somebody will find this useful:


Thank you for creating this story :)  It was a foregone conclusion how things would end for me and I'm happy that this path was explored, as all too often it is neglected in other fiction.  Mm, now I want a cinnamon roll...


This looks amazing! Great job devs !




Okay soooo I just played this and, the plot is nicely done. I teared up when we went to the past and learnt of the truth. I'm not good at words but- I really loved EDDA Cafe. It's totally refreshing after playing other heavy VN consecutively.

Also !! Loved that little surprise at one of the end. It's a beautiful coincidence that I've been wanting that cake for a while now T^T +The arts are extremely adorable and pleasing to look at too! Really lovely~


Hello! I have just finished the gameplay for EDDA Cafe with the release of the final video above. You can watch the full gameplay segments in the playlist here: Now for the comments! 

Aside from my comments in the video, I loved that it's such a cute, charming and heartfelt game! There's no exact good or bad choice that we should make, since whether that choice is good or bad is based on what we think. In the end, I was happy that our protagonist was happy in the end, with no regrets! I loved the variation in the food for each ending, and they looked yummy!


This was such a cute and touching game! The UI design is so stylish and the art is amazing, especially the care put into the backgrounds. All of the color palettes and style help immerse the player in the story as well. I'll def be checking out the other games you're developing!

Ahh I'm excited to play this game but for some reason I'm unable to play on Mac, I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing in one of the folders?

we're looking at the problem at the moment. Will give you an update soon!

Hello again! Try playing the game from launcher Should be working now, but do let us know if it's still not working.

It's working for me now, thanks so much!


I'm so, so sorry to barge into this thread on another game >.< I just wasn't sure what else to do. I just wanted to say to Sardonice: Thank you so much for the wonderful and detailed review that you left for me on Apartment No.9 :3 I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I'm only messaging you here because, for some reason, doesn't allow devs to reply to reviews >.< only to comments, and I didn't want you to end up thinking I was ignoring you since you asked me a question.

I don't want to type too much here when this is someone else's game page though. Since itch also doesn't have PMs, this was my only way of contacting you. You're welcome to drop me an email though if you want to discuss anything:

And to the devs of this game, sorry once again for the mini hijacking >.< This game looks so incredibly adorable ^-^ and the art is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely have to check it out when I get a chance!


I'll definitely send you an e-mail then! :) Sorry about that, I had no idea that creators were unable to reply to reviews. Thank you for reaching out to me here regardless, I really appreciate it. 


Learned about this novel through Twitter a few days ago and got quite interested, so today I finally decided to play it. What a heartwarming and emotional story! Positively surprised with this game.

Just shared it on Twitter!


Beautiful :D

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