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Really love how well the art and design blends together! Along with the nice warm color palette, it definitely creates a nice atmosphere like being in a coffee shop.

The short little video at the end of the demo confused me just a tad until I realized it was a droplet. I think it’s because it’s very dark. First time looking at it, it looked more like weird moving gray shapes until the ripples started showing up.

Congrats on making this awesome demo!

I’ve also noticed you’ve used royalty free music. If you want custom music, let me know, I’d love to help for this or future projects!

Reupload? What happened previously?


We're rebranding as a team, as we plan to make another game when the chance arrive.

Is this the demo or full release?


The current version is only demo, but it already covers 2 out of 3 chapters of the story. The full game is planned to be released soon, so please look forward to it. =)


Hello! Just finished the demo and oh my, the style, the story, the atmosphere... everything is just soo gorgeous! <3 You're doing a great job!

Thank you! We're happy to hear that. Please look forward to the full release of the game soon. ^^

How many romanceable characters are there and what genders?


The story of EDDA Cafe only focused on one character, so the romanceable character is only the protagonist's boyfriend. We hope you enjoy our game.

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