Log 2 - Scripting is done!


After two weeks since our last dev log, we're now happy to announce that the scripting of EDDA Cafe is finally done!

The development of EDDA Cafe started in February and while we managed to release the demo in time for Valentine VN Jam, it takes a long time to develop the full game because each member have their real life matter to take care of. That's why we want to thank everyone who have been sticking with us all this time and have been very patience on waiting the full release of our short visual novel. Thank you!

A little teaser of Alex's visual.

On the other hand, we've tried contacting some individuals to test our latest build, but if we don't have luck with them, we'll be looking for volunteers. We'll be posting more information about it on our twitter so if you haven't already, please give us a follow!

If everything goes smoothly, we'll be able to release EDDA Cafe this month, so please wish us luck!

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So glad you're advancing this well! Hope you have luck with the testers ^^